Cabal alz and Wizard and Blader guide

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Cabal alz and Wizard and Blader guide

Post  asdfe on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:24 am

In cabal, the Wizard is a ranged class as player’s spellcasting and AoE. Players can use Cabal online Alz to help their leveling. Wizard uses dual orbs to be his power sources for his magic, he also wears the martial set for more avoid, but short of defense as compensation. Wizards are outstanding fighters because of their long range AoE attacks that can handle massive damage. They are also able to freeze monsters from a range to prevent monsters reach you, you short of defense but needn’t to worry about. As wizards are a one stat class similar as warriors and primarily wield magic skills, beginners can choose wizards and Buy Cabal Online Alz as a nice choice. Advantages: Powerful in PvP because of range and freezing. Nice avoid rate. With the ability to freeze foes from long distance, avoid damage. Best long range AoE. Disadvantages: lack of defense.

Blader is the dual sword slice n' dice, hack n' slas for player, Blader is allowed to choose using one katana and one blade, dual blades, or dual katanas. Much like wizards, bladders with the equipment of the martial set for best avoid, but with low defense. As a quite fast class, most of Bladers’ skills have some of the wonderful skill animations the game has to give or handle some sort of AoE damage. Bladers is a nice choice for beginner due to that most of their skills just lie under the sword skill level. Advantages: simple and strong to grow. Wonderful skills with AoE slapped onto them. Best avoid and untouchable in PvE. Disadvantages: lack of HP and no major advantage such as long range or decent defense. So players can Cabal Alz to strengthen their class.


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