Cabal alz and How to afford the useful potions

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Cabal alz and How to afford the useful potions

Post  asdfe on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:53 am

After my play in cabal for some time, I learned the fee of potions for skilling up could be pretty taxing only if you merely get an over lots of Cabal Alz in the bank. If you have sufficient alz then try to purchase the 50 in a Stack MP and HP potions on your higher level character and then you should transfer them to the low level by wielding your bank it economize a mass of inventory. Remember the 30 stack Return stones. If you are not lucky enough then complete Helper T quests start at level 40 with Buy Cabal Alz would be helpful. You obtain them from the Desert Scream leave the area in and past the Giant Snakes and move to the zone wall where with a mummy graveyard. In the middle there is the cross with the orange scroll.

You may wonder what monster to skill on by level, here I would like to tell you the monster list is my own opinion, the ideal monster will lasts for a while or more to slay and attacks you for less damage, so you can regenerate. In spite of the monster you wield, you would need to Buy Cabal Gold and recast regeneration quite frequently to start out, each four minutes at level 4. You are able to equip a Life Absorb Ring +1 by starting at level 4, it gives lots of help and you needn’t have to cast regeneration.


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