Ways to acquire Age of Wushu Gold and gears

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Ways to acquire Age of Wushu Gold and gears

Post  asdfe on Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:10 am

Tailor: Allows you to create clothing, armor, and item bags. To carry out tailor tasks visit the Tailor Life Shifu and ask to grow to be a tailor. buy age of wushu liang and also a pair of scissors is required to be a tailor, and may be purchased in the shifu. Cook: Allows you to create food and alcohol. You'll be able to understand this from a Chef Life Shifu. Yes, the skill is named cook, but when you appear on a map for the cook npc you will need to look for "chef" rather. To work with cooking abilities you need to have a slice, turner, or spoon.

Age of wushu gold ding

There is also a mini-game type of like bejeweled to play using the Chef Life Shifu everyday. You can find 12 levels, every single time you defeat a level it is possible to challenge the following, any time you shed you simply need to keep challenging that identical level. You get cook encounter each time you beat him, and there is a chance for bonus rewards. The game is fairly basic, you'll find several food things like meat, fish, and spinach. It's essential to match three by switching tiles soif you might have 2 meat and notice 1 meat inside the subsequent row, you'd exchange 1 meat for whatever meals was there, it makes a row of 3 meat, and voila it disappears. It is encouraged to buy age of wushu gold ding from us. When you have ever played any match three kind games it will make sense to you, and if not there is a tutorial the very first time you do it.



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