Path of Exile items and guide to generated races

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Path of Exile items and guide to generated races

Post  asdfe on Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:40 am

While there's no Some Assembly Required in the title, don't let that fool you; today's focus is on one in the founding precepts of this column, player-generated content. It's just not sandboxy player-generated content like we've covered prior to. Players could make Path of Exile items by competing quests. Today's particular edition explores the PGC proposed for the decidedly non-sandbox action RPG Path of Exile. At GDC I sat down with managing director Chris Wilson and technical director Jonathan Rogers to talk about Path of Exile and their concept of adding player-run races for the game. A fan favorite, these timed gaming experiences are at the moment only officially sponsored events grouped into seasons, the very first of which just concluded. On the other hand, devs would prefer to give players the opportunity to make and host unofficial events (which means results will not have any bearing on the seasons) to let players to delight in this wildly well-known facet of the game in a place where they could practice skills, test themselves against friends, or just enjoy a unique challenge.

So what specifically are these races, and why are they common enough to add a entire new program to the game to support them? Wilson explained them this way: "We possess the capability to have [what we call] leagues. They're essentially game economies which can exist for variable lengths of time. We can open 1 that lasts to get a month and players play in that. And when finished, these characters get folded back into the principal game economy. This can be lots of fun for the players since they could buy Path of Exile items and get to play on a clean server. It is like a fresh slate, exactly where there aren't all these potent items floating around the economy."


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