Metin2 yang and Tips to Couple's Ring Quest

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Metin2 yang and Tips to Couple's Ring Quest

Post  asdfe on Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:46 am

Couple's Ring Quest in metin2 is amongst the fastest methods to earn money if you are low on a number of the gold stuff. I leveled 7 characters for the very first time o began, and attempted to collect metin2 yang and accomplish the Couple's Ring quest to level 25. At that time the quest was not repeatable since it is now, certain, some might need to save their Couple's Rings for that special while in case you are a loner as me, then you can sell it in place of save it. Yes the Market is fluctuating whilst you'll be able to sell Couple's Rings for about 600k - two.5kk. To get this quest you'll want to 1st get level 25 and discover buy metin2 yang then you may appear for the quest in the Old Lady.

You're essential to kill 30 Jin-Hees inside the quest, for all I know there’ re three spawn spot locations for them in map1 and they’ re a boss monster, they would be a bit tricky to kill in case you are level 25. it truly is recommended to visit one particular of their spawn spots and try to kill each in each channel then go to the following spawn spot and do that once again. You'll want to buy cheap metin2 yang from trusted web-site and note in some cases you will discover also some individuals do that at the same time. When you accomplish the quest, turn back towards the Old Lady and also you will obtain a Couple's Ring as the reward from her.

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