Metin2 yang and 3 Methods to make profit

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Metin2 yang and 3 Methods to make profit

Post  asdfe on Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:08 am

Within this guide let’ s learn some ideas to make profit and metin2 yang in metin2. Farming Metin Stones: it is time-consuming to farm Metin Stones in metin2, make a warrior at level 21 to level 25, you happen to be in a position to wield same exact same one for every thing. Go to Aswan/ Corinth/ Maadi and start browsing around for Metin Of Black, Metin Of Darkness, and Metin Of Jealousy. Slay these metins, they will drop potions, Armours, Weapons, Talent books, and spirit stone from 0- 4. You might want to devote lots of time for you to find Metins.

Farming Antler Bows and Complete Moon Swords, it's not easy to farm Full Moon Swords considering that bestial archers and bestial specialist attacks a little tough. The time account might be raise to 35 though drop will be a bit additional rarer. You can uncover buy metin2 yang. Go to Aswan, Corinth, Maadi or Nula Valley and appear for bestial archer or bestial specialist. Slay them and they will drop Antler Bows and Full moon swords with decent stats from 0 - 3. Price range, determined by skill/ harm harm.

Merchanting may be the final advised path to earn buy cheap metin2 yang effortless. You should very first have some funds like 1kk . Go to Ch1 Shops and commence seek in retailers. If you see a thing cheap like a Heroic Strike ability book for 900k then obtain it and sell it for 1.2kk to make a profit. If there is certainly a Piece of Gem for 250k then buy it and sell it for 300k. you could need to metin2 yang This operates with high level items with stats as well.

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