Metin2 yang and Character in different gender Guide

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Metin2 yang and Character in different gender Guide

Post  asdfe on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:23 am

In metin2, some characters are in female and male gender so player can select an suitable one particular for him, let’ s see the detail description about female and male characters, you may also know how to create metin2 yang. Mage Female: this looks like empress and majestically the sash which goes from physique to the more than head appears quite queen like in all sides. Mage Male: appears like a king, this armor guards the mages authority of your realm generating him outstanding, The crown appears like some thing from other location whilst also quite superior.

Male Warrior king armor: it appears came from barnum bailey circus clown's closet. Female warrior: when the developers are organizing to develop a female warrior armor with something feminine about it and it’ s hard to say this have been the male armor if it was not on them. Male Sura: with suras in a time machine and turn back towards the 70's club, or simply attempt to obtain a tan on his chest. We offer buy metin2 yang for gamers. Female sura: I should really say this can be great though their hips appear solution to large and the sura queen appears like sitting on throne all of the time and consuming cakes.

speed of wind would be the very best talent inside a combination with nature, it enhance speed of wind except talent speed and moving speed. In a combination with a Master in speed of wind and items and skill speed you may half the recharge time expected for all your expertise. You must buy cheap metin2 yang and control nature blessing and Speed of wind as initial skills in an effort to get decent healer.

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