Last time we introduced the Wildstar online classes and Races

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Last time we introduced the Wildstar online classes and Races

Post  asdfeer1 on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:41 am

Last time we introduced the Wildstar online classes and Races, Today, this time we will continue to introduce the detailed information about Wild Star you should know. This information will help you to understand Wildstar and how to play Wildstar.

1. Buy Wildstar Items
Money seems can solve lots of problems in real life, the same goes virtual world. You can choose to buy Wildstar items from Auction House or website. And the ideal equipments are Epochos series and Adventus series.

2. try to challenge Veteran Adventure
Though Veteran Adventure would be lower than the crafting items, Most of Veteran Adventure has lots of great equipments.

3. Combat System
The biggest difference with other online games is that WildStar’s combat system. WildStar created a new Telegraphs system which makes the battle more easy and humanized, thus, your hit rate will not just a number any more! Below is the meaning of the colors in WildStar.
Blue: means you are using the skill
Green: means your teammates are using treatment or addition skills
Orange: means your teammates are using attack skills.
Red: means you are able to use the skills to attack the enemy.
Purple: means the negative effect of the treatment from the enemy
If you were unluckily died in the battle, you can choose to regenerate again in the recent point, or you can cost Wildstar platinum regenerate in place.

4. Housing System
If you enter the Housing System, there will be a large open space. You can build anything you like on the ground, such as plant trees, decorate the house and so on. Each player is allowed to build no more than 7 houses. Besides, each building has size limited, for example, the house is 2*2 plot. Next is the size plot for different buildings:2*2 Plot: House, Spaceship,1*2 Plot: (Biome) The characteristic building in all maps and so on.


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