Ways to Craft Items and Change Password in Cabal

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Ways to Craft Items and Change Password in Cabal

Post  asdfeer1 on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:37 am

Begin to complete the quest when you are the character of level 50 and class rank of 6. Toward to Port Lux and talk to Yerte, the Alchemist, to start the quest of Core Alchemic Transmuter to gain the transmuter license and Buy Cabal Alz.

You can purchase one of five C.A. Transmuters from Yerte. The various kinds of transmuters are: Artifact(jewelry, orbs and creates crystal), Sword (generates weapons), Martial (Wizard pieces and Blader), Battle (Force Blader pieces and Force Archer), and Armor (Force Shielder pieces and Warrior),

Select the equipment class with drop-down menu as well as the item placed in the left drop-down menu.

You can craft the item by clicking on "Item Craft". You can also find cheap Cabal gold from us. The window bottom would indicate the needed stuffs, if you do not have enough some of these stuffs; you are unable to generate the item and should select other things.
Cabal online Alz
Players usually want to know the ways to alter a Password in Cabal, here are the details:

Entre the password reset page of Cabal Online1 from your PC, login in with you user name and you current Password. Then find the box of "New Password" and input your new password, here you need to type your new password again in the box of "Password Confirm". You can buy Buy Cabal Gold for power leveling. Then choose a secret question by clicking on the drop-down menu, the question like "your mother’s name," or etc. Fill your answer to the secret question in the box of "Enter Your Secret Answer". Then you can see the "Submit", click it and you will get an email from Cabal Online to confirm your password change
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