Metin2 yang and 1-35 leveling Ideas

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Metin2 yang and 1-35 leveling Ideas

Post  asdfeer1 on Wed May 08, 2013 10:48 am

Within this post I'll provide you with some guidelines for metin2 leveling. For level1- level two, it really is in fact very easer, it is possible to do all of the quests and total the level tasks and attain level 22-23. Endeavor to hunt buy cheap metin2 yang at level 5-15 considering that these drop ability books.

For level 21- level 30, you ought to try to generate income, I advise warriors hunt metins in these towns as Maadi, Corinth, and Corinth, other classes hunt jak-to's for gem and promoting, or bestials for complete moon sword, or hunt savage archers and after that sell. To be able to get encounter, it is best to hunt metin2 yang and white oath's in the initial second town till 23, after which you should visit the black wind teams when you find yourself powerful adequate to kill generals, minions, and archers.

For level 30- level35, you could move to wasteland which can be also be referred to as as also teleporter man and endeavor to kill the monsters there, you ought to be careful considering the fact that these monsters could poison. If you find it can be fairly hard to kill them you could build a celebration to kill them in groups. In addition to, you may also buy metin2 yang and hunt the elite fighters/orc scouts and elite orc at the get started of nula valley, after you attain there you must speak towards the teleporter man then sell your black leaf dirk's they drop, you should keep in mind there are actually bestials within the initial islands of nula, as a result, you get a chance to obtain full moon swords.

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