Metin2 yang and Guidelines for Enchanted Blade

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Metin2 yang and Guidelines for Enchanted Blade

Post  asdfeer1 on Thu May 16, 2013 10:24 am

Try and increase the points in Enchanted Blade till it has got 17, if at this moment it changes into M1then that is certainly great. If you're luck sufficient, then only put 1 a lot more point you possess and invest it to Dragon Swirl and just wait for it. Do the procedures again and collect buy cheap metin2 yang till your Enchanted Blade controllers at 17 points. Just go on do it when it has been completed. After you attain level 9 then you have to have have 1 point on Dragon Swirl and Enchanted Blade mastered, each point after this moves to Enchanted Armor.

The ideal circumstance at level 36 could be that Enchanted Blade, 17 points in Enchanted Armor and Dragon Swirl at 1 point. You must have metin2 yang and guarantee you make your Enchanted Armor Master at 17 points wielding Enchanted Armor Band of Oblivion when it really is not Mastered. For level 52 it truly is clever to acquire M5-M6 and even greater Enchanted Blade, with 17 points on mastered Dragon Swirl or Dragon Swirl.

Then do the same with Enchanted Armor, use band of oblivions to acquire Dragon Swirl to control at level 17 if it has not been achieved. Alternatively you can use a Reset Talent Document to reset Dragon Swirl and receive Worry. You may buy metin2 yang to level up quicker. You will be in a position to kill lot with Fear whilst kill slower, but that you are in a position to kill less with Dragon when kill them faster.

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