Metin2 yang and Tips for Classes

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Metin2 yang and Tips for Classes

Post  asdfeer1 on Fri May 24, 2013 11:24 am

Tip 1: Lightning, you are allowed to choose Natures Enchantment to boost your attack energy quickly, with Natures Blessings you can get the power in the earth to recover HP. The Lightning Strike summons a cone of lightning, assaulting multiple foes units for damage. By using metin2 yang and Speed of Wind you can make the wind energy into body boosting movement. Chain Lightning and Hurls a bolt of damaging lightning aim to a target foe can jump for the foes about you. Lightning Lance could give a magical lance to the target, you are able to slice it by utilizing lighting harm

Tip 2: Archery, Dance with Wind, place the wind power in to the body to boost movement. Multi-Shot with Multi-Shot splits an arrow aim to lots of attacking all foes in your assault range. Poison Arrow Stings your foes by using buy metin2 yang and posined arrows in an effort to result in poison damage. And Flame Arrow Fires one arrow to a location with fatal precision, handling immense firedamage. Begone Concentrate assault on a foe and hit with swift speeds.

Tip three: Dragon, Enchant damage can offer Short-term increase assault power. Dragon Shield would create a thick dragon armor shell to enhance the defense. Dragon Shadow calls dragon spirits and turns to dragon shades assault around foes. You could buy cheap metin2 yang for help. Reflect damage that guard your self as well as as a reflection for the foes assault. Dragon Shout could be the flame radiates wave from the dragon called.

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