Metin2 yang and level 41-61 leveling Tricks

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Metin2 yang and level 41-61 leveling Tricks

Post  asdfe on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:47 am

Level 41-50: it can be advisable to lure at orc parties and about and inside temple. Exp and metin2 yang is pretty beneficial. The products: get you a level 41 shield 6 in addition to a level 42 Armour 6 ahead of level 45. The challenging point: you get either a silver bracelet 9 or Ebony earrings before level 50. At level 40, you're permitted to have in to the Demon Tower, wield this for the upgrades. Prior to level 50, I also recommend you try to acquire the curse book Bio tasks completed as well as the orc tooth. It is possible to sell upgraded points you got in DT to earn revenue and get buy metin2 yang. Black Orc Parties need to have the Archers in the valley, once you get level 25 you can see good parties and after that lure for them.

Levels 50-61: that is essentially the most tough part, simply because orcs grant negative exp, you'll want to try and appear for other areas. The suggested places would be the demon tower cave1and 1st floor, and temple. If you get level 55, try cave2, you are able to lure for occasionally right here, and it would be the best exp location now. Get the other item for example silver bracelet or ebony earrings just before level 61. You may buy cheap metin2 yang for level 61-65, level 50-55 metins, sell upgraded products you got in DT and kill Orc Chiefs to make cash. Ahead of level 60, get the Demon Keepsake Bio task, just before level six, get the M1 poly. Once at level 53/54 you'll get the third master, it must be having at level 17.


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