Age of Wushu Gold and an introduction to Conversion between Experience and Cultivation

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Age of Wushu Gold and an introduction to Conversion between Experience and Cultivation

Post  asdfe on Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:47 am

The fundamental conversion from Experience into Cultivation is 380/100s (Jianghu VIPs get the very best Experience conversion), each Experience level can convert into one thousand Cultivation. So, it will take 263 seconds to convert 1 Experience to 1000 Cultivation. It is possible to use buy age of wushu liang to boost the conversion pace, and in addition the next techniques: one. Experience Medication (Might be utilized 35 instances every week, can boost Experience conversion pace by 250%.) Jackdaw Herb (Increases conversion velocity by 25%, lasts ten minutes)

Yellow White Pill (Increases conversion velocity by 50%, lasts twenty minutes) Chi Accumulation Pill (Increases conversion speed by 100% , lasts 30 minutes) Psycho Pill (Increases conversion speed by 150%, lasts 45 minutes.) Green Pill (Increases conversion pace by 250%, lasts 60 minutes.)

Age of wushu gold ding

The Jackdaw herb might be acquired through college occasions or even the Forbidden Instance challenge. Four Jackdaw herbs could be synthesized by an herbalist into one Yellow White Pill, it is going to expense 560 Wen. Chi accumulation Pill, Psycho Pill, and Green Pill all follow the same formula. Strategies: Tablets synthesized by Coins can not be traded, but ones synthesized by Tael could be traded. two. Divination (Gamers can buy age of wushu gold ding from us and divinate six instances every single day, escalating Experience conversion velocity by 400% at most. The speed bonuses from divination are: 10%, 25%, 100%, 200%, and 400%. Just about every result will last 1 hour.


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