Cabal alz and how to Practice combos

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Cabal alz and how to Practice combos

Post  asdfe on Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:17 am

In cabal, combo's may look quite troublesome at first, when you have tried to complete it though you could make it so you will get an 11 hit combo at least. You will wish to get Cabal Alz and your combo bar in the proper area, there are two areas you are able to get it either merely at the very top of the screen or above your character.

To alter its position move to your selections, select the 'Game' tab and then untick the Combo UI on top. Then you can find the combo bar is at the place you want, you can begin practicing wielding it. Combo Mode wields 10% SP bar, you need to get sufficient Cheap Cabal Alz and SP before you start yellow bar and blue magic bar which raise by hitting foes. You are merely allowed to apply sword skills or magic while making combo's, it is useless to use normal attack as it does not work.

Each time you wield a magic skill or a sword attack you need to wait foe a second before you utilize it again, that is the cool down time, therefore, when comboing you should ensure you’re not utilizing a move without cooled down yet, it would cancel the combo if you do it. When you begin Combo Mode there is the combo bar and yellow/ green bar in it would fly across, you should Dragon Nest gold News and press sword attack or a magic because it in the 2 lines.


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